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How To Make Monday Suck Less

Monday often brings a sense of dread. Perhaps a reminder of unrealized dreams. A glaring wake up to responsibilities. Or, maybe even recognition of time ticking and little transpiring.

This past weekend my family spent a beautiful time tucked away in nature. Shabbat awards us an opportunity to really embrace what matters and allow our brains to rejuvenate and rest. When it is time to get back into reality, it is often a great task. Endless laundry, a choir of kvetchy children, thoughts of the week ahead begin to infiltrate my mind and sheer exhaustion creeps in. I began to think of ways to combat this scary transition. One moment we are chilling under the sun, laughing, philosophizing, dancing and the next I am triggered by the slightest irritation.

What we don't accept enslaves us. My body may have arrived home but my mind was still in nature. And every time something notified me that I was indeed home, I got annoyed.

So much work. Too much work, I kvetched.

But the truth is, that we only have one short moment. We can only live right now. There is no tomorrow or yesterday. This thought always has a way of settling my mind. Because regardless how overwhelmed I become, I remind myself that even if I have 150 tasks, if I want to do any of them well, I can only ever do one at a time. Surrendering myself to this moment with the understanding that no matter how many tasks awaits me, I can only ever live one moment at a time; so I best seise it.

Nothing is promised. But everything is available.

I hope this reminder serves you well today and everyday.

Lean into the moment and watch the magic unfold.

xx Zelda

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