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3 Ways To Attract LOVE

  1. Love is in action. This means, that the more you do for someone the more you love them. This is why for centuries women have allowed men to court them. Because the commitment and investment along with the mystery involved, required the man to give, do and challenge himself to woo the subject of his affection. In today's world this may seem archaic and perhaps unnecessary to some, but the lesson remains. The more one invests of themselves, the more the other has a piece of you in them, and this is what becomes the most attractive. It is often average, regular people that turn special in our eyes because we have chosen to see them, give to them and love on them. This is the same reason why if a person were to raise a child from infancy, only to find out at age 18 that the child was never theirs, in fact their child is someone else, the likelihood of the bond with the child they raised will likely remain the same. Because it is not the genetics or blood that makes you love someone, it is only ever how much you give and do for them that creates the bond. Often, if you were raised to worry about others and serve others, it may be unnatural for you to accept from others. It is important to remember that allowing others to give is just as important as it is for you to give. This activates a balanced relationship that leaves everyone feeling in love.

  2. Self Worth. If one does not feel worthy one will self sabotage love. Often, we don't realize we are sabotaging. We generally come up with "valid" excuses. It is important to realize that in order to attract a well balanced, well adjusted and wholesome relationship, it is less about what the other person is doing or not doing and much more about what you are doing or not doing to/for yourself that teaches the other how to treat you. For example, if you're always changing your plans to suit them, you'r reinforcing to yourself that your plans don't matter as much as their plans. Your energetically emitting the energy of unworthiness. To change this, start by talking nicely to yourself. Make sure that the words you use to describe yourself and the way that you refer to yourself is kind and loving. Doing this consistently will transform how you feel about yourself.

  3. Unconditional Love. There is really only one kind of love and that is unconditional love. Anything else is simply not love. We often feel we need transactional and conditional love, but it is not real love. Unconditional love means I love you without needing anything back. It means I have no expectations for you. This truly allows the other person feel accepted and loved to the fullest extent. This is scary for most people. Because we often fear that the other will take advantage of such goodness. But the truth is, when we extend such love, most often the other person rises to the occasion of our love. Most people can't function from this level because we have been programed to need something in return from others. Loving someone uncondtionally does not mean that I don't accept love from the other. If unconditional love is extended toward me, of course I accept it and chances are the more unconditional love I can tap into, the more I can access around me. But unconditional love means that my love toward the other is not dependent on their love toward me.

Love simply flows from the essence of our being. If we want to access it, we need to connect to that part of ourselves.

Happy Monday friends. Wishing you a week of faith, growth and unconditional love.

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